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US-3919496-A: Die cast frame patent, US-3924306-A: Lock slider patent, US-3953757-A: Solder sealed light bulb patent, US-3961130-A: Memory dial for teletypewriter subscribers patent, US-3962629-A: Device for measurement of parameters of compound electric circuit elements patent, US-3965203-A: Process for the production of 2-chlorobutadiene-1,3 from 3,4-dichlorobutene-1 patent, US-3965489-A: Endoprosthetic bone joint device for the talo-navicular joint patent, US-3984150-A: Sealing apparatus patent, US-3987747-A: Powered amphibious bicycle patent, US-4033759-A: Process for producing magnesium utilizing aluminum metal reductant patent, US-4058377-A: Dust collecting electrostatic precipitator patent, US-4082799-A: N-benzyl-2-(3,5-dimethyl phenoxy)-2-alkoxy amides and their use as herbicides patent, US-4093799-A: N-arylidene-4-chromanamines patent, US-4184644-A: Winding machine patent, US-4283868-A: Ironing mangle with pneumatically pressurizable roller covering patent, US-4342085-A: Stem processing for data reduction in a dictionary storage file patent, US-4387545-A: Panel assembly and a method of constructing said assembly patent, US-4452780-A: Coacervated iodine patent, US-4489599-A: Device for monitoring the inflation pressure in a tire of a vehicle wheel patent, US-4524536-A: Fishing lure retriever patent, US-4577898-A: Gripper apparatus patent, US-4622112-A: Process for preparing chlorinated polyvinyl aromatic compounds patent, US-4685580-A: Anti-panelling container closure patent, US-4730063-A: Alkali metal 2,5-dihydro-3-ethoxycarbonyl-2-[(substituted phenyl)amino]-4-furanyloxides patent, US-4853731-A: Autofocus camera having automatic focus adjustment apparatus patent, US-4995726-A: Surface profile measuring device utilizing optical heterodyne interference patent, US-5103612-A: Flexible trim member patent, US-5290415-A: Electrolytic electrode patent, US-5350775-A: Benzopyran derivative, method for producing the same and use thereof patent, US-5822333-A: Digital memory testing method patent, US-6029768-A: Power assist device for steering apparatus patent, US-6084623-A: Method and apparatus for thermal transfer recording patent, US-6406304-B1: Card connector with an improved reinforcing beam patent, US-6527382-B2: Ink container with improved ink flow patent, US-6781002-B2: Antioxidant from natural source patent, US-3979780-A: Intraocular lens and supporting system therefor patent, US-4032001-A: Detachable conveyor bucket apparatus patent, US-4053307-A: Process for manufacture of high-chromium iron alloy patent, US-4116071-A: Device for measuring quantity of flowable materials patent, US-4130647-A: Methods for treating congestive heart failure and ischemic heart disease patent, US-4141174-A: Quantitative apparatus for sampling athropods associated with field crops patent, US-4145053-A: Golf course patent, US-4150818-A: Cooling element for a metallurgical furnace patent, US-4166972-A: NMR discrimination apparatus and method therefor patent, US-4176020-A: Process for electrolytic dimerization of N-substituted pyridinium salt patent, US-4176403-A: Programmable sequence controller patent, US-4178780-A: Needle bed for flat knitting machine patent, US-4228280-A: Pyrano[4,3-e]-as-triazines and corresponding 4-oxides patent, US-4258659-A: Animal litter and process and structure for making same patent, US-4295690-A: Hydrostatic bearing for a radial piston machine patent, US-4303866-A: Method and device for mounting pieces inside the vacuum chamber of an electron microscope patent, US-4660851-A: Anchoring system for vehicle axles patent, US-4708649-A: Occlusal clearance indicator patent, US-4721270-A: Missile guidance systems patent, US-4727260-A: Photoelectric scanner with light-reflector or light barrier patent, US-4874414-A: Ion exchange processing method of glass patent, US-4912260-A: Process for the production of amines patent, US-5024505-A: Array splice for ribbon-like multi-core optical fibers patent, US-5025628-A: Master cylinder reservoir diaphragm venting arrangement patent, US-5145994-A: 4-hydroxyphenyl acetic acid patent, US-2005235587-A1: Parking structure patent, US-5317746-A: Message-based data processing system that provides checking for access to server space patent, US-5364946-A: Process for the preparation of substituted pentaalkylchromenes patent, US-5401925-A: Electrical switch with removable operator patent, US-5450820-A: Quick release dog collar patent, US-5486613-A: Vulcanization accelerators patent, US-5633750-A: Optical fiber amplifier patent, US-5655160-A: Distance measuring apparatus patent, US-5753020-A: Image transfer medium patent, US-6146366-A: Device for the treatment of macular degeneration and other eye disorders patent, US-6179234-B1: Impeller mounting system for centrifugal impact crusher patent, US-6189818-B1: Process for stabilizing and reusing ladle slag patent, US-6335788-B1: Optical-fiber characteristics measuring apparatus patent, US-6346013-B1: Audio jack having securely retained contacts therein patent, US-6385489-B1: Triple array defibrillation catheter and method of using the same patent, US-6480215-B1: Control device for thermal printer head and printer using the same patent, US-6511166-B2: Long-life spring-backed fluid interconnect seal patent, US-6584840-B2: Angular velocity sensor patent, US-6642449-B2: Electronic component and manufacturing method thereof patent, US-6678557-B1: System and method for body fat management patent, US-6749823-B2: Method for producing hydrophobic silica fine powder patent, US-6768294-B1: Low cost detection technique patent, US-6799598-B2: Solenoid valve circuit for automatic transmission patent, US-3921589-A: Animal tethering apparatus patent, US-3922995-A: Dual station rotary cable steering system patent, US-3931979-A: Device for clamping together two machine members having mating centering means patent, US-3950441-A: Process and catalyst for preparing 1,4-butanediol patent, US-3987800-A: Smokable product with meerschaum particles patent, US-4030643-A: Contents-conserving plunger for cartridge patent, US-4033903-A: Process for preparing modified silver catalysts patent, US-4056526-A: Benzo(b)thiophene derivatives patent, US-4112789-A: Machine for working saw teeth patent, US-4164118-A: Apparatus for positioning the links of a length of chain patent, US-4197740-A: Fluid flow measuring apparatus patent, US-4243571-A: Stain-resistant vinyl chloride polymer compositions plasticized with alkylbenzyl succinates, glutarates or mixtures thereof patent, US-4253709-A: Four-way loaded type linear bearing patent, US-4288594-A: Caustic-free process for the production of monochloro-diamino-s-triazines patent, US-4356013-A: Split pressure feed for the selective production of pure oxygen from air patent, US-4360214-A: Shock absorbing device for rear wheel of motorcycle patent, US-4414084-A: Process for conversion of cellulose to amino acids by radiofrequency plasma of nitrogen and hydrogen patent, 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