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CN-1222305-A: Chromium-riched whole-wheat convalescence flour and its production patent, CN-1222563-A: Cooling lubricat for stone cutting patent, CN-1222730-A: Disk load device of disk regenerator patent, CN-1222756-A: Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method patent, CN-1222888-A: 用于把手柄中带有一节流阀的机动车的防盗装置 patent, CN-1223330-A: Device for making hydraulic regulation to the relative turning angle between one axle and one driving wheel patent, CN-1223760-A: Satellite communication system for local-area coverage patent, CN-1224959-A: Frame relay-to-ATM interface circuit and method of operation patent, CN-1225908-A: 一种β-萘磺酸甲醛缩合物季铵盐型混凝土外加剂 patent, CN-1226567-A: 一种新聚合物及其用途 patent, CN-1227190-A: Calcium-iron oxide composite particles and resin molded product containing the same patent, CN-1227424-A: 锂蓄电池及其制造方法 patent, CN-1227608-A: Transcriptional silencing elements and their binding factors patent, CN-1227831-A: 电锰渣土地处理全价基质总量调控法 patent, CN-1228944-A: 冷冻真空干燥山药粉的高效生产方法 patent, CN-1228999-A: 正规新型防滑(象围陆跳)固位方便棋 patent, CN-1229767-A: Method for preparing iron nitrogen Nm alloy and iron nitrogen-boron nitride nm composite material patent, CN-1230584-A: 重油乳化剂及其调合工艺 patent, CN-1230779-A: 半导体器件及其制造方法 patent, CN-1230780-A: Improved policide patent, CN-1231157-A: 无水大便器及粪便处理系统和方法 patent, CN-1231578-A: Method and machine for removing of pin bones from fish fillet patent, CN-1231742-A: 智能用户辅助设备 patent, CN-1231774-A: Bent-segment helical antenna patent, CN-1231781-A: 锁相环频率合成器及控制锁相频率合成器的方法 patent, CN-1232226-A: 句子处理装置及其方法 patent, CN-1232746-A: Film and its production process patent, CN-1232990-A: Photoimageable compositions having hydrophilic binder polymers and hydrophilic monomers patent, CN-1233883-A: 发动机驱动型发电机 patent, CN-1234839-A: 制造高强度芳族聚酰胺纤维的方法 patent, CN-1235261-A: 热能驱动的制冷制暖装置 patent, CN-1235815-A: Health recovery device patent, CN-1235847-A: Method for preparing epidemic hemorrhagic fever vaccine patent, CN-1235933-A: 纳米金属硫化物的辐射合成制备方法 patent, CN-1236734-A: 一种制取软钾镁矾的新方法 patent, CN-1237079-A: Energy switch for axis-coupled standing wave accelerator tube patent, CN-1237340-A: 害虫防治方法和装置 patent, CN-1238078-A: 在移动通信网内A-Bis和A接口上传送用户数据 patent, CN-1238348-A: 官能化α-烯烃的均聚物和共聚物的方法 patent, CN-1238542-A: Hydraulic operation device patent, CN-1239072-A: Carbon dioxide production system with integral vent gas condenser patent, CN-1239424-A: Foaming body-cleansing agents patent, CN-1239720-A: Solvent-resisting thermostable shockproof polystyrene resin and its preparation process patent, CN-1239926-A: 用以传送物品、具体地说瓶、细颈瓶等物品的装置 patent, CN-1240160-A: Assembling deassembing machine for jogged member patent, CN-1240588-A: Health-care chocolate patent, CN-1241073-A: Data communication system with automatic frequency sweep in FM broadcast subchannel and continuous phase frequency-shift keying patent, CN-1242415-A: Method for direct liquefaction of coal using FeSOX as presoma of catalyst therefor patent, CN-1242518-A: 微波测量煤层水份的方法 patent, CN-1242913-A: 用户站之间建立多会话通信的通信系统、移动业务交换中心以及方法 patent, CN-1243209-A: Automatic compensating device for braking force and back-distance of brake patent, CN-1243435-A: New formulation for inhalation having a poured bulk density of from 0.28 to 0.38 g/ml, comprising formoterol patent, CN-1243894-A: Silk floss quilt without unpicking and its making method patent, CN-1244106-A: 牙线 patent, CN-1244453-A: 车辆轮胎模具和可安放这一模具的加压硫化机 patent, CN-1245018-A: Method for treating fruit and vegetable patent, CN-1245326-A: 声频信号特征波形的合成方法 patent, CN-1245664-A: Method for processing clad paper tape and its equipment patent, CN-1246101-A: Laminar flow nozzle patent, CN-1246898-A: 从用带有例如氨烷基磺酸和杂环碱的抑制剂的链烷二磺酸-链烷磺酸化合物催化的电镀槽中镀铬 patent, CN-1247676-A: Method of implementing handover in cellular radio system patent, CN-1248058-A: Method for coating corrosion inhibitor film and coater for corrosion inhibitor patent, CN-1248074-A: Dielectric filter, composite dielectric filter, antenna diplexer and communication installation patent, CN-1248938-A: 在改进的轮胎膜具中制造充气轮胎的方法和设备 patent, CN-1248971-A: 喹喔啉二酮 patent, CN-1249370-A: Thread gripper and cutting device for knitting machine patent, CN-1249702-A: 将颗粒物料或土壤沉积在展开于填埋场表面或其它位置上面的塑料薄膜上的设备 patent, CN-1250373-A: 用于在具有睾酮缺乏症状的妇女中补充睾酮的组合物和方法 patent, CN-1250493-A: 原纤化的丙烯腈系纤维 patent, CN-1250556-A: Resonant macrosonic synthesis (RMS) energy conversion patent, CN-1250819-A: 涂膜耐久性优异的涂饰用钢材及其制造方法 patent, CN-1251326-A: 制备纳米贵金属微粒的方法 patent, CN-1251377-A: 金属配合物颜料 patent, CN-1254498-A: Multifunctional information treating device for plant patent, CN-1254563-A: Medicine for treating odontopathy patent, CN-1254751-A: Distillation and mingling technique for liquid spirit patent, CN-1255725-A: Electron gun electrode of color cathode ray tube patent, CN-1256671-A: Method for making aerosol housing with threaded neck patent, CN-1257152-A: Thermal-insulating aluminium alloy and plastics combined section material patent, CN-1257617-A: 用于谐振逆变的方法和电路 patent, CN-1257912-A: 特效去污棉及其制作方法 patent, CN-1258165-A: 摄影图象检索装置、电子照相装置和摄影图象检索方法 patent, CN-1258330-A: 常温用弹性铺道混合物 patent, CN-1259035-A: 基于缔合聚氨酯和季铵化聚硅氧烷的化妆品组合物 patent, CN-1259120-A: 钙阻滞类化合物 patent, CN-1259462-A: 鞍座式车辆用载物架 patent, CN-1259600-A: 造纸黑液湿法碱回收 patent, CN-1259832-A: Remote communication equipment patent, CN-1260834-A: Antimicrobial peptide patent, CN-1260938-A: 具有费用有效的呼叫管理方法的移动站和系统 patent, CN-1261093-A: Grinding body of brown corundum and preparing process thereof patent, CN-1261339-A: 制备1,1,1,3,3-五氯丁烷的方法 patent, CN-1262163-A: High-effect oil-saving purifying biochemical composite stone material and its equipment patent, CN-1262658-A: 自耗性容器包装的沥青包装件 patent, CN-1262789-A: 电池容器用的表面处理钢板、电池容器及采用它的电池 patent, CN-1263206-A: 可提高输出功率的引擎内燃机 patent, CN-1263240-A: 一种太阳能热水器 patent, CN-1263428-A: Multicolour light-emitting dispersed type electroluminescence lamp patent, CN-1263522-A: 抑制vcam-1表达的化合物与方法 patent, CN-1263540-A: 显示高度光诱导双折射的均聚物 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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