Method for preparing iron nitrogen Nm alloy and iron nitrogen-boron nitride nm composite material



A process for preparing nm-class Fe-N alloy and its compound material uses Fe or FeO as iron source and the solid h-BN as nitrogen source, and includes such technological steps as mixing iron source with nitrogen source in volume ratio of 1 : (20-0.38), loading the mixture and stainless steel balls in weight ratio of 1 : (5-20) into ball mill, and grinding for 30-120 hrs under the protection of argon gas to obtain nm-class epsilon-FexN alloy and epsilon-FexN/BN compound material. Its advantages include simple process to prepare nitrogen source, easily controlled technological conditions and high output. The product features firm binding between epsilon-FexN alloy and BN substrate, and higher saturated magnetization, coercive force and resistivity.




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