Method for direct liquefaction of coal using FeSOX as presoma of catalyst therefor


The direct liquefaction method of coal by using FeSO4 as catalyst presoma includes the following steps: firstly, FeSO4 saturated solution is added in coal powder, then they are uniformly mixed, and acertain quantity of alkali metal suturated solution containing sulfur ion or weak base suturated solution containing hydroxide radical ion is added, uniformly stirred and dried to obtainthe impregnated coal sample, and the processed coal sample is liquefied so as to obtain the invented product. The adding order of the above-mentioned both solutions can be inverted. Said invented catalyst presoma is simple in supporting method, has no need of presulfurization and filtration, its added adjuvant is small, presoma quantity is less, and its product possesses higher asphaltene and light product yield.




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