Silk floss quilt without unpicking and its making method


  • Inventors: XIKANG JIN
  • Assignees: 金锡康
  • Publication Date: February 09, 2000
  • Publication Number: CN-1243894-A


A silk floss quilt without making over is composed of silk floss batting and quilt case. Said silk floss batting has a multiple thin layers crossed net structure, which is made up through boiling silkworm cocoons while special treating it to make the content of silk gum less than or equal to 2.0%, stripping cocoons, drying to obtain silk bags, splitting and loosening to obtain silk floss sheets, pulling the sheets and overlapping them together to a certain length and width, and cross overlapping of silk floss sheets. Its advantages are not easily compacting and adhering, durable soft and comfortable, and high thermal insulation.




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